"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything."

~ Plato 


Are you looking to ignite a passion in your child for playing music at the piano?


For them to experience the joyous, unrestricted self-expression and the playful creativity only music can provide?


I can help!


Through my own musical journey I've learned to tap into the essence of the music that comes from deep inside and how to channel it freely and uninhibitedly through the beautiful and wonderfully versatile instrument of the piano!


It's my absolute joy and pleasure these days to have the opportunity to support kids in their own journeys of self discovery and creative fulfillment at the piano.


I'll hold your child's hand the entire way as they learn to trust and follow their own deepest musical desires and to tap into latent artistic expressive abilities they never knew they had!


I am currently teaching piano both in person, and online with a comprehensive setup that allows us both to easily and fully see and hear each other almost as if we were in the same room sitting next to each other!


Book a free consultation with me below and we can get your child started on their exciting new journey of musical discovery at the piano!



    “Hi Sam!! I thought the first lesson yesterday went amazingly well. I’m not over exaggerating but T. has now practiced and played the song you taught him 5 separate times all on his own, last night and this morning before school. It is so cute.” ~Lara, parent of 5-year-old beginning student


    "We have known Sam for the past several years as the very accomplished pianist at the First Unitarian Universalist Society of Burlington - it has been like going to a concert every week! When we saw that he had openings in his teaching schedule, we jumped at his offer for a trial lesson. From the first moment of the lesson, Sam graciously worked his magic with my 'shy' 8-year old son, finding ways to connect and engage him on a personal level before even sitting at the piano. When they did begin to play, Sam offered very lighthearted and engaging options for my son to try - as a result, we were both hooked! From that first day, Sam has continued to offer encouragement and appropriate challenges through an effective teaching style and welcoming persona. Highly recommend." ~ Christine, parent of student


    "A fantastic piano teacher who is patient, persistent and an amazing inspiration, Sam Whitesell has been teaching our daughter piano for two years and he has brought piano lessons and even practice alive for her. I highly recommend him and he's also just a great human. If you, your child or someone you know is looking to begin, continue or take your piano playing in a new and inspired direction, the humble and talented Sam is your man." ~ Rebecca, parent of student


     "We have been taking weekly lessons with Sam for the past year and 1/2. We are amazed by the progress our 10 year old son has made in such a short time.  Sam uses a variety of lesson strategies to keep my son engaged and interested. This approach has supported his learning and love of music.  Sam is professional and patient and brings good energy and cheer to each lesson. He is a skilled teacher and a gifted musician. Our son has expressed feeling a great sense of accomplishment as a result of taking lessons with Sam.  Thank you, Sam!" ~ Nina & Paul, parents of student


    "Sam is a great teacher, very patient and encouraging. He has done a great job with my grandson who has been studying with him for three years." ~ Marty Garrett


     "Samuel is a great teacher with a wonderful disposition and I highly recommend." ~ Ben, parent of student





At Burlington Piano Lessons, I strive to maintain a teaching environment that is safe, supportive, welcoming, nurturing, and compassionate, empowering kids (and adults!) to be their fun, authentic, wacky, creative, imaginative selves!


I believe imagination, play, and freedom of self-expression are all important aspects of the creative process of music learning, and that music itself is a natural form of creative self-expression.


Working with kids with ADHD and other neurodivergencies and/or who otherwise have an abundance of energy and imagination is a special passion of mine!


I also really enjoy supporting retired adults in rediscovering their musical dreams of which they may have lost track, helping them find self-fulfillment, develop confidence, overcome self-criticism and self-doubt, and get in touch with a deeper sense of Self.


I subscribe to a whole-person approach to music study integrating Body, Mind, and Spirit. With adult students especially, we even sometimes explore music study as a meditative practice.


An avid life-long learner, I enjoy staying on the cutting edge of both in-person and online music instruction!


I love to stay up to date on the brain-based science of learning and it’s practical application to music study.


I also love keeping up with the ongoing scientific exploration of ADHD and other neurodivergencies including Autism Spectrum--the unique gifts they bring, and  their potential impacts on learning and child development.


As a performing pianist, I perform regularly most Sunday mornings as pianist at the First Unitarian Universalist Society of Burlington, Vermont.


I also love supporting the community as pianist for local middle school and high school students in performances and auditions.


I teach lessons both in-person and online out of my inviting home studio near the shores of beautiful Lake Champlain.


I look forward to exploring together all that music lessons can offer your child and your family!